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Retirement Planning 101 Class
A free three-hour, intensive, hands-on retirement financial planning class

How to retire with confidence!

Join Us For A Complimentary Three-Hour Retirement Financial Planning Course On How To Plan Your Retirement Using Proven Strategies.

About the class

Retirement Planning 101 is a hands-on, in-depth look into the many nuances of retirement financial planning. We don’t waste your time reviewing basic principles, we focus our time on the important topics you need to understand to build a successful retirement plan.  We review actual case studies while allowing you the opportunity to ask specific questions. Everyone who attends is eligible to receive a free, no-obligation, in-depth retirement plan.


I. Filling the Gaps In Retirement

  • Gaps = “Income Problems”

  • Health Care Options for Early Retirees

  • Long Term Care

  • What Happens After You Are Gone?

  • Tax Analysis

II. Income Planning

  • Inflation

  • Market Volatility

  • Losses Hurt You More Than Gains Help You

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Fee-Based Fiduciaries

  • What’s Your Income Stream?

  • What Does Your Pensions Look Like?

  • Social Security

  • Accumulation Phase

  • Distribution Phase

  • Retirement Income Myth

III. Case Studies

Your instructor will take you through a series of 5 case studies using anonymous data from existing client cases.

Attend a Class

There is no cost to attend the course, but you must register.


The goal of this class is to give you the tools you need to put together a written retirement financial plan that will help to guide you to and through retirement. Those who attend one of our classes have the opportunity for a free, no-obligation, in-depth retirement plan.

Classes are from 6pm-8pm

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